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Tapping into Genius: It’s okay to get off track

“When you find yourself in a hole, quit digging.” - Will Rogers Everyday we encounter a wide variety of people and experiences. Things are constantly changing. When one chapter ends, a new one begins. No matter how much we figure out, there will always be another...

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Tapping into Genius: Having fun is a good sign

Take your time. Don’t rush and have fun. - Mick Fanning We all have to deal with the pressures that come with being alive. Whether it is a job or a personal relationship, there are inevitably going to be circumstances that challenge our ability to stay centered and...

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Join Spiritual Seekers in Adventures Abroad!

What could be better than an excursion across the ocean? How about an excursion across the ocean with other like-minded spiritual seekers?! Check out these exciting adventures hosted by New Thought Centers! On these trips, prominent spiritual mentors from New Thought...

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Another Look at James Allen

Who is James Allen? When you think of the origins of the New Thought movement, you probably think of Ralph Waldo Emerson, Emma Curtis Hopkins, or Mary Baker Eddy. But James Allen? Who is he? New Thought Film As a Man Thinketh Allen, the author of As a Man Thinketh...

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A Gospel of Inclusion: Bishop Carlton Pearson

You don’t hear THIS story every day. A popular Pentecostal minister has a Divine Revelation about God's unconditional love of humanity. In time, he rejects the concept of eternal damnation. His change of heart births what he calls the Gospel of Inclusion. He preaches...

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Daily Soul – Affirmations of Gratitude

Would a ray of sunshine brighten your day today? Are you searching in vain for your center in the midst of a hectic schedule? Surely you would rather have a moment of peace, so take a deep breath and express these joyful affirmations courtesy of Rev. Cynthia Alice...

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