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Accepting the Gift of Not Knowing

In February 2016, something happened. A seemingly simple event, with a very profound effect. I read something. It was a short column, yet it spun my thoughts around 180 degrees. The words strummed a chord in my soul that so deeply resonated,  my bones felt the...

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Ending Struggle through Meditation

In 2012, I first set out to deepen my connection to the Divine. The religious traditions of my youth had not resonated for years, and I knew I was ready for something different. In short order, I discovered Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday and tuned in one day to hear (for...

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Pamper Your Spirit in San Diego

Following the siren call of summer to Southern California for fun or work? If so, you’ll find no shortage of relaxation, adventure, and inspiration in the magical city of San Diego. Enjoy the culinary delights of restaurants and coffee shops. Bring Fido to Dog Beach...

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Tapping into Genius: It’s okay to get off track

“When you find yourself in a hole, quit digging.” - Will Rogers Everyday we encounter a wide variety of people and experiences. Things are constantly changing. When one chapter ends, a new one begins. No matter how much we figure out, there will always be another...

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Tapping into Genius: Having fun is a good sign

Take your time. Don’t rush and have fun. - Mick Fanning We all have to deal with the pressures that come with being alive. Whether it is a job or a personal relationship, there are inevitably going to be circumstances that challenge our ability to stay centered and...

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Join Spiritual Seekers in Adventures Abroad!

What could be better than an excursion across the ocean? How about an excursion across the ocean with other like-minded spiritual seekers?! Check out these exciting adventures hosted by New Thought Centers! On these trips, prominent spiritual mentors from New Thought...

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