NTC-TV Affiliate Program

The whole reason we started New Thought Channel was to share New Thought teachings with as many people as possible. Like you, New Thought changed our lives – and we want others to experience that same sense of “coming home” to a place that resonated with them spiritually. We also wanted to strengthen and grow New Thought ministries by helping people find community wherever they are.

We believe our movement is only as strong as the people that support us. That’s why, from the beginning, we have tithed back 10% of our gross revenue to our content providers. People have written to ask, “How can we use New Thought Channel as a fundraiser?” The quickest and easiest way we could think of was to create an Affiliate Program. If you’re talking about NTC-TV in your ministry, and you are directly sending us subscribers, you could be receiving revenue for sharing the good news! The New Thought Channel Affiliate Program is free to join and you can instantly generate an ongoing stream of income without any cost or obligation on your part. Easy, right?

Affiliate Program Details:

You can get paid a 10% referral fee for all Annual Subscriptions that come from your ministry! Actively promote our products and services, either through your website, electronic newsletter, social media (Your Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook groups, etc.), or even in your weekly program announcements, and you will see even greater results.

As you may already know, New Thought Channel (NewThoughtChannel.com), and our blog (https://ntc-tv.com) contain lots of tips and resources for people interested in staying connected to the New Thought community throughout the week, releasing their limiting beliefs, raising their awareness of their Oneness, creating better balance in their lives, and staying in a place of peace and power.

We also offer several great ways to introduce people to the channel:

  • Every Friday we release 5 videos for FREE
  • We always offer a free 7 day trial

Here’s how effortlessly this fundraising effort can work for you!

For each Annual Subscription ($39.99) a community member buys (for themselves, as a gift, or even as a renewal) you receive a 10% affiliate fee ($4). You can mention us in your newsletters, on your Facebook page, in your announcements, etc. You can even place a New Thought Channel ad on your website and make money from it! (Sample ads are listed below for you to use.)

Subscribers enter your ministry’s personalized Affiliate Code when they order. Payouts come monthly when your revenue reaches at least $40 (that’s only 10 sign-ups!). Once you hit the magic $40 threshold, we send you a check, or donate via PayPal or your website, as you direct us.

Here are a few more reasons to join our program:

  • Participate for FREE!
  • Receive $4 commission per Annual Subscription.
  • Connect people to your ministry and to other New Thought resources.
  • Create a passive steam of revenue for your ministry without having to “sell” anything!
  • Start making money TODAY!


Take these steps to get your affiliate link and start raising funds for your ministry!

1. Fill out the NTC-TV Affiliate Member Application, found here.

2. Sarah will email you a unique code for your ministry. You can advertise this code any way you like – social media, your website, ministry meetings, study groups, newsletters, etc. The more you share, the more you can earn!

3. We have also created some Affiliate Graphics for you to easily share your code with your community. You can save these images and manually write in your code, or you can email sarah@newthoughtchannel.com to request your code be inserted into the graphics.

You instantly start earning referral fees for all annual subscription sales that are generated from the visitors who are referred by your affiliate code.

If you have any questions, please email sarah@newthoughtchannel.com or call (720) 281-0570. We are here to help!


Thank you for all the ways you show up so magnificently as a living, leading example of principle at work in our life and the world! We bless you and your ministry!