Submit Content to NTC-TV

Thank you so much for your interest in the New Thought Channel! We’re very excited to have new talent and programs on the channel- whether it’s for a “guest” position or a “regular” position.

We’re looking for new programming all the time, especially self-funded and self-produced content, so feel free to talk to us regarding what you’re thinking about. Caution: We do already have a large amount of programs in various stages of development and we do get inquiries all the time, so it’s possible that we are already in development in like-minded content, but feel free to pitch us with that understanding.

For a program in the DESIGN stage:

Start by sending us a synopsis of your idea. Include these kinds of details:

1. Background information about and affiliations of the organization or people sponsoring and creating the program
2. Connection to NTC-TV themes of open spirituality, empowerment, or New Thought principles
3. Program format – interview, lecture, demonstration, workshop, music, event, and so on
4. Program length
5. A signed submission form (Download Here).

Send your synopsis and completed submission form to Jim Lefter at Include any existing video links that paint a picture of your idea.


We are looking for high-quality programming all the time, especially self-funded and self-produced content. Please note that we accept only a limited number of videos based on our current needs, videos already in process, production quality, and various other criteria. With that understanding, you are welcome to send us a pitch showcasing your content.

If your program adheres to the guidelines listed below, this is what we need from you:

  1. Include Internet links to at least two examples of your work.
  2. Give us an overview (a few sentences) about the church or artist you represent and the program idea you are pitching.
  3. Make sure you own all the rights to the content you’re submitting (any videos, photos, graphics, music, etc.). You should have permission (preferably in writing) from all the people that are involved in your project.
  4. Include contact information to reach you directly (full name, phone number, email address).

Send an inquiry to Jim Lefter at and include your video links. If your content is a good fit at this time, we will start a conversation.

NTC-TV Production Guidelines:

Our programs require (at a minimum) the following elements:

  1. High Definition (HD) or 4K video.
  2. Videos should be delivered in .mov format or m4p/mp4 formats (not in Windows format). The only exception to this requirement is “classic” footage of New Thought pioneers. Note: We cannot accept materials taken from the Internet.
  3. High-quality stereo audio sound (directly from the camera or a connected sound system – not room speakers).
  4. Good lighting.

Thanks again for your interest in becoming a part of NTC-TV! We look forward to reviewing your information and seeing if it’s a fit for us at the moment!

Free Tech Report

This report contains helpful information regarding the audio and visual equipment that is necessary for becoming a NTC-TV talent. You can download the NTC Tech Report here.